Welcome to MooreFamilyWeb.com! (2002)

May God’s love surround you in this joyous holiday season.

And may Christ’s peace be with us all.

OH! The Moore family has been on the road this year. In March we went down to Florida to visit Kirk’s parents (It was even warm this time) and in July we went to North Carolina for Church Family Camp.

But… Cassie was looking at the wrong map on the way back from family camp and cost them over an hour of drive time before having to turn around. ARGH!

OH! Marianne is in 7th grade now. She enjoys being in a singing/dancing chorus at school and we loved watching her perform in early December. (See her signing the National Anthem at the talent show.) Her cat, Cocoa, sleeps with her every night & really loves her

But… Cocoa will barely go NEAR anyone else. She runs in terror from some of us.

OH! Matthew still loves piano although Cassie teaches him now (when she remembers). He actually likes reading and actually will sneak reading past bedtime.

But…who is this child and what has he done with Matthew?

OH! Andrew started Kindergarten with only a bit of persuasion. He loves to make dot-to-dots and mazes for his parents and has accomplished his first goal he set in September: to learn to read.

But… he is now working on his second goal: to color inside the lines

OH! Kirk is still a pastor with an adventurous spirit. He still loves his position as the associate pastor at St. Matthew United Church of Christ. He loves riding his motorcycle and he even auditioned for a lead part in the upcoming "Left Behind" TV series.

But… if he gets a part, it films in Toronto. Yeah, like we are moving to a COLDER climate.

OH! Cassie has stopped teaching sign language but she still works at Waubonsee Community College as a counselor part time. In February she started a few other ventures: mosaic-ing, oil painting & in October, a craft business called Cassie’s Eye Candy: Crafts that are a treat for the eye.

But… there are craft supplies in 4 rooms of the house.

OH! In September we camped in Indiana with Cassie’s Brother Mike & wife Heidi & their children. We were around a rather large pond filled with frogs and even had a frog-jumping contest. Who knew frogs would make so much noise at night?

But… the frogs’ calls were thankfully drowned out by the highway that was on the other side of the pond.

OH! Cassie found another hobby (like she needed one) in finches. We are graced by 13 finches (3 of which are Canaries) that conveniently fit into the 4 ft. wide "aviary" Cassie’s dad built. Most of these finches are pairs so, come spring, we might have a really nice breeding lesson!!

But… the cage, plus the spare cages, food, supplies have eaten into the space in the house, to say nothing of the pocketbook.

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