- 2003

May God’s love surround you in this joyous holiday season.

And may Christ’s peace be with us all.


OH! The Moores have had a healthy, happy & BUSY year. In January, we ripped out the 20-year-old brown carpeting from the house and replaced it with a dark green. We also put in Pergo-style flooring in our kitchen/family room. It was a great improvement!

But… we still have that sorry brown carpeting in two other bedrooms and are holding out for the lottery to finish them off.

OH! In February, we took up Cassie’s parents on their offer to go to Bonaire for a week. We learned to scuba & snorkel and had a wonderful time with Cassie’s brothers, sisters, parents & families.

But… 14 of us took the same flight down and back on Air Jamaica. Can you say "no advanced reserved seating?"

OH! Marianne (now an 8th-grader) did a snorkel course in Bonaire & also did a scuba lesson. She still is in the sing/dance group at middle school and started her confirmation classes this year. She also had a featured role (Damsel #3) in the school play "Knights of the Rad Table". She went to North Carolina (her first solo plane ride) to help Uncle Mike & Aunt Heidi with their children on their vacation. She reminds us of Cassie as a teenager.

But… She remind us of Cassie as a teenager.

OH! Matthew (our 5th-grader) won his 3rd trophy at the Cub Scout pinewood derby for design. Papa Coburn made him a neat little display unit for the cars they made together. He moved on from piano to the drums this year and plays percussion in the school orchestra. He also got a hand drum, a Djembe, for his birthday. He is a very enthusiastic and talented drummer.

But… we are still considering sound-proofing his room.

OH! Andrew, the first grader, is a bright, inquisitive boy who loves music. He loves to compose songs on the keyboard, make his brother scavenger hunts with post-its and do "work". For Christmas, he wants a work desk, magic tricks,a globe and "a cat".

But… When we asked about the cat (we already have THREE), he said (and I quote) "well, some of them will die"

OH! Kirk is in his fifth year of ministry as the Associate pastor at St. Matthew United Church of Christ. He traveled to Michigan with the youth for Habitat for Humanity and also to St. Louis for his favorite convention, Youth Specialties (imagine 5000 youth directors in one place). He also officiates weddings, does a singing class for toddlers and manages to fill up some of his free time. He wrote a song about his love for cheese and trust me, it came straight from the heart.

But… The American Dairy Association refused to listen to "I Like Cheese".

OH! Cassie still works as a counselor at Waubonsee Community College, but let’s face it, the hobbies are the real fascination in her life. Her craft show business morphed into a "Bead it Yourself" party-at-home business. She doesn’t’ make much money at it, but helping people make jewelry is great fun. She also took up knitting for the 3rd time and this time it stuck. She loves making scarves. She watched her birds raise 4 canary babies (which we sold to a bird store)and 5 society finches (which we are planning to sell) and added several more finches to the aviary.

But… that still leaves us with 22 birds, not including the 2 that our cat, Lightning, ate. (no kidding)

OH! We went camping with Cassie’s brothers and their families in Indiana. Kirk was doing a wedding and couldn’t come, but we had a great time together making S’mores, talking around the campfire and watching Mike compete in a triathlon at the state park. The kids got along great and were very entertained.

But… what the kids were entertained by was the MILLIONS (no joke) of Mayflies that were breeding there.

Have a great year!

LOVE . . . JOY . . . PEACE . . . HOPE

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