-- 2004

May God’s love surround you in this joyous holiday season.

And may Christ’s peace be with us all.

MollyOH! We are all doing well. Kids are growing fast and Kirk and Cassie celebrated 17 years of marriage this year. Probably the biggest news of the year is there is a new addition to our family, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Molly. She has proved to be a wonderful dog.

But… this has taken us back in time to the crawling infant days because we have no ornaments on the bottom 1/4 of our tree again as Molly just plucks them off to chew them!

Kirk and Cassie UnderwaterOH! In March, Cassie & Kirk went on their first vacation sans children in years. We returned to Bonaire and became certified divers! We loved the time underwater, time alone, time with Cassie's parents and time to relax.

But… we are now addicted.

MarianneOH! Marianne became a Freshman in high school this year and we couldn't believe how beautiful & how much older she looked when she attended the homecoming dance. She is now using the computer to IM her friends & IM her friends & IM her friends. (She continues in Chorus and beautifully signed an entire song at the fall concert.) For her birthday she got a phone line in her room and a cell phone. The Moore Kids

But… the phone often gets left off the hook so you may not get through to us. You may have to resort to stopping by (HA! - don't)

OH! Matthew (now a 6th-grader) still enjoys percussion and has taken up guitar. He practices every chance he gets He got a role in the school play and really enjoyed that. He loves to play Runescape, a multiplayer online game (Don’t' worry, Cassie checked it out.. and became addicted herself!!) He also is a boy scout now but his true love is music. He plays any chance he can.

But… he has probably heard "Stop drumming on that!!!" and "Can you put down the guitar for a minute?" more times than he could count.

AndrewOH! Andrew, the second grader, is now taking piano again. He still loves school and homework and was overjoyed that the teacher was willing to give him "extra" homework. He loves our new Matthewdog and keeps her exercised by playing with her. He also still loves computer games & Nintendo and loves Runescape as well.

But… the kids competing for one computer to play the same game gets a little challenging. We started "NO ELECTRONIC" days.

OH! Kirk began his sixth year of ministry as the Associate pastor at St. Matthew United Church of Christ. He traveled to Biloxi, Miss. with the youth to work for Back Bay Mission. Remember that song he wrote about Cheese? He still sings it and kids especially love it.

But… When Cassie went to teach the 2nd grader sign language to a song & Kirk came to play the guitar, 2 children shouted out a request for "The Cheese Song". They had attended Andrew's birthday party back in JUNE and Kirkremembered the song and wanted to hear it again. Something tells us this is a catchy tune. J

CassieOH! Cassie still works as a counselor at Waubonsee Community College, still does sign language interpreting, the Bead-it-yourself classes & knitting. Her real fascination these days is Molly, whom she took to puppy kindergarten, basic obedience and continues obedience classes as she has the time. She did give up Mosaics and Mary Kay recently because there are only so many craft areas to be had.

But… didn't that obedience pay off? She sat like a statue for those Santa-hat pictures!

OH! We all traveled to Colorado by train (we HIGHLY recommend that) with our church camp. Matthew and Andrew jumped off a 6 foot "cliff" into a river. Kirk and Marianne jumped off a 40 foot CLIFF (no joke) into that same river. The views were great and the train ride was an experience that we were so thrilled to give the kids.

But… Cassie was more fearful of the freezing water than the 40 foot drop. Okay, not really.

Have a great 2005!

LOVE . . . JOY . . . PEACE . . . HOPE

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