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Happy Holidays 2013!  Whatever you celebrate -- and whether you celebrate or not -- we are so glad to call you family and friends. If this season brings joy, we smile with you.  And if this season brings about painful memories, we weep with you.

OH! We moved this year.  All the way from our long-time home in Warrenville to a place on the far southeast side of Wheaton.  (1171 Ryson Court, Wheaton, IL  60189)

Butů Kirk's commute got shorter.  Cassie's got longer.

OH!  We're not going to be as newsy this year.  More pictures to see. Less for you to read.  Less for us to write.

Butů Nevertheless -- very cool.

OH! Marianne's still living in Colorado.  She and her boyfriend Colin have been together for more than a year and they recently moved in together.

Butů They're still in Colorado and we don't get to see one another very often.

OH! Matthew's still going to school in Nashville.  He worked again as a performer this Summer at Six Flags in Gurnee, IL, and is working a new record for a 2014 release.

Next summer it's far more likely he'll be honing his craft in Nashville.

OH! Andrew got is license this year.  Then he broke both of his wrists. Then he performed the next morning with his A Capella group.

Butů Though the wrists have healed, we still don't have an extra car for him to drive.

OH! Cassie continues to train sign language interpreters at Waubonsee Community College.  She's also an active freelance interpreter.

Butů She took this summer off and visited Marianne in Colorado!

OH! Kirk's still at St. Paul's UCC in Downers Grove.  He's also been an active advocate for LGBT equality.

Butů Some of you love that.  Others not so much.  That makes for interesting holiday conversations.


May love surround you in this 2013 holiday season.

Andrew, Marianne, Matthew, Cassie, and Kirk

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