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Youth Ministry Seminars and Retreat topics. (this is a representative list -- please contact me with the specifics of your event)


Youth Ministry Essentials

It’s basic, grounded, exciting and foundational. Here are the essentials of leading a youth group. We’ll touch on issues of faith, Bible study, events, trips, songleading, worship, budgets, and even meeting formats.

In the life of a youth minister, the part of the job description that sounds like "and whatever else is necessary" often comes into play. Here is a workshop with solid, practical advice and methods for being pastoral in these situations. We’ll also put together a personal reference guide to use when performing these rites.

Has it been a long while since your church had a thriving youth ministry? This seminar keeps up to date with basics and ideas for reaching out to youth in your church and community with real ministry.

Youth Mission

Coordinating a youth mission trip can be one of the most difficult or one of the most exciting things you will ever do. It may be both! In this session we’ll look at ways to help student missionaries serve Christ and grow in their spiritual walk. We’ll explore reasons to participate in mission. We’ll also discuss practical ideas for short and longer-term mission projects

Sunday School – Education:

Is "Sunday School" for youth in your church "business as usual? Are you looking for better ways to offer the teachings of Christ to today’s students? In this seminar we’ll also discuss the many ways of "having class." We’ll also share ideas for leading youth to a closer relationship with Christ in the Sunday educational experience.

Gross Theology

These unusual meetings/experiences involve working through some kind of "gross" (or icky) experiment that leads to a wonderful time of teaching and discussion about one of the really important things relating to our faith. There's a series of 9-10 lessons that have an idea, yet only three have been fully put together for a meeting. (But even though part one isn't fully done, I've got an idea for part two -- lessons that specifically relate to Jesus' teaching. Part 2 -- another 9-10 lessons -- is called "ick theology")

Youth Group Vision:

What is the church youth group about? How does Jesus Christ fit into what the group does? What is the chief reason the group gathers or even exists? In this session we’ll explore what it means to have vision and how to develop one for the youth group you serve.


Youth Group Events/Outreach:

"We don’t ever do events that are social" "If we only offer Spiritual events, no one comes!" Is there a place in youth ministry for social gatherings and for gatherings that are devoted to spiritual teaching? In this session we’ll share ideas about how to help youth groups grow in Spirit, strength and numbers. We’ll also explore how to be in relationship with students and help them move ahead in their walk with Christ.

We'll explore an exciting new idea for all of church that is led by and targeted to today’s and future youth -- as well as everyone in the family. We'll have lots of time for sharing ideas and dreaming just what this church is going to be like!

Here’s a case study of something that should never have worked. A group of students asked for something more. It grew into a Tuesday morning (at 6:00 am) teen Bible study where youth asked tough questions, dug deep into scripture and grew in their walk with Christ.


Spiritual gifts are an often overlooked and potentially scary topic to discuss with teens. We’ll use activities, interaction and discussion to help youth discover how God has gifted them. We’ll also challenge youth to use the gifts God has given them in their life NOW – not just in the future.

Prayer is how we communicate with God. God hears our prayers and is a God who loves us and responds to our prayer. This retreat is all about being fervent and persistent in our prayer. It is about being specific and praying expecting God to do great things. It is also about understanding the answers God gives.

What does mission mean? Is it building homes? Is it cleaning up dangerous vacant lots? Is it feeding those who are hungry? Is it telling others about the Good News of Jesus? On this retreat we’ll be challenged to understand the connected nature of social and evangelistic outreach. We’ll also have a chance to reach out beyond our comfort zone and go on our own "Mission: Possible."

Whether your youth group has 3 or 300 members, growing healthy is not just a good idea, it is absolutely necessary. This retreat will identify the fundamentals of youth group growth and offer ways that help teens learn to help their youth group grow in Spirit, strength and numbers

When people play games, their guard seems to go down. They stop trying to think like scholars and they begin to think simply – as a child would. This retreat will help students to play hard, think simply, and meet God when they’re open and unafraid. 

These retreats cover a wide variety of topics - depending on your needs.

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