Widening the Welcome: Inclusion for All

About Widening the Welcome

(Romans 12:13b) “Practice Hospitality.”

We need this in the United Church of Christ.”

That’s what J. Bennett Guess, Executive Minister for Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ said as he was describing The widening and deepening movement of Widening the Welcome at the 2011 conference hosted by the UCC Mental Illness Network and the UCC Disabilities Ministries. People came from across the nation to continue the discussion about, within the framework of worship, the theological and practical issues of inclusivity of all persons who are affected by brain disorders/mental illnesses and/or disabilities. Our 2012 gathering is  November 1-3 in Columbus, Ohio.  Registration is open!

This year's National Conference will:

  • Educate about mental illnesses/brain disorders and disabilities;
  • Teach how to develop Mental Health Ministries and A2A; (Accessible to All) Covenants in your congregation;
  • Share best practices by telling stories, learning from each other, and networking;
  • Equip pastoral leaders to understand and provide quality pastoral care to men and women addressing these concerns;
  • Share and strengthen our Conference Inclusion Teams; and
  • Offer spiritual support group experiences and worship together.