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Widening the Welcome 2015: Inclusion for All
National Conference

September 24-26, 2015
Hartford, Connecticut

Missed it? Or just want to relive a session?
Recordings from our 2015 Conference

"Inclusion is a journey we take with one another
and ourselves rather than a destination"

Rev. Dr. Christina Jones Davis, Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader
Widening the Welcome: Inclusion for All

Churches usually have a welcome sign outside their building. What we want to demonstrate and encourage is the welcome that is experienced inside the church and as a result, that transformative power will be released into the world. As we read, “practice hospitality,” this conference seeks to build up our churches to be welcoming and inclusive communities. This includes people who have been touched by or have experienced a mental illness/brain disorder and/or a disability, apparent or unapparent. National statistics indicate that at least one out of four families are in some way affected by these experiences.

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