The Moore's with Santa!Welcome to!

May God’s love surround you in this joyous 2005 holiday season.

And may Christ’s peace be with us all.

OH! What a fast year this was! Already we have almost completed 6 years of the new millennium?? It doesn't seem possible. Cassie & Kirk got back to Bonaire with Cassie's parents in the late winter last year. Early this winter, we visit Kirk's parents in Florida. Ah - the retired life of those parents. At least we get to go see them in those nice warm The kids team up to, uh, pose for a pictureclimates they "fly south" to in the winters! (Cassie's in Bonaire February 2006!)

But… other than these wonderful ventures, most of our travels are in our heads with the characters of "LOST" (which all but Andrew are hooked on).

At our Park Model in Grand HavenOH! We nostalgically ventured to Holland Michigan to revisit one of Cassie's memorable camping trips from her childhood. We went to see the Dutch Village and camp and pick blueberries and even shop a little. We had a great time playing board games and making s'mores in our "not-so-roughing-it" park model we rented.

But… as my father always says "you can't go back home again" and the Dutch Village seemed small and not NEAR as fascinating as Cassie remembers. Thankfully, it was Marianne in Showchoir outfitall new to the kids and they loved it.

OH! Marianne is a sophomore in high school this year. She is a member of her school's show choir and loves it. She enjoys spending time with her friends and chatting on the cell and computer. She is a movie lover like her parents and a wonderful babysitter who seems to have little ones glued to her whenever she is around them.

But… although we no longer have mountains and valleys of conflict, we still have our speed-bumps. (A-hem!)

Matthew with guitarOH! Matthew, our newest teenager at 13, is definitely a music lover. He still plays percussion in the band at school and loves playing guitar. His newest roles are the drummer in the praise band and a member of the show choir at the middle school. We have yet to see him perform, but he is constantly whistling and drumming, so we are constantly treated to mini-performances anyway.

But… he awaits the day we own a house with a basement so he can buy a drumset.

OH! Andrew is now 8 and in 3rd grade and discovered his love of soccer this fall. He still loves the piano, math and just recently, origami. He just joined the bell choir at church with Marianne & Matthew. His favorite thing to do has to be piano and now that he's been taking for a year, he is Andrew with soccer awardsinto Ragtime and is almost done with Maple Leaf Rag.

But… Neither rain nor blistering sun nor chilly mornings would keep us from attending his games.

OH! Kirk turned to filmmaking in his spare time, first producing a failed survivor audition and then finishing his pumpkin trilogy with the church youth group in "3". Kirk and the kids also make their own movies starring each other. "The Turkey's Revenge" is a must-see holiday movie (but not Awwww -- Kirk and Cassiereally for the youngest ones). The movies linked here and and also are in 'video' at when you search for "moore."

But… Kirk is famous for saying "Wouldn't that make a great title for a movie?" (and now he actually follows through and MAKES it!)

OH! Cassie continues to work as a counselor about 20 hours a week at Waubonsee Community College. She interprets a little on the side and does some jewelry parties. Being a compulsive crafter, she took up a new craft, lampwork beadmaking (making beads out of glass on a torch). It is a tough craft and very enjoyable. She has a new website for her crafts too --

But… getting rid of Mary Kay and mosaics last year was quickly replaced with cans of gas, glass rods and the endless supplies needed for this new craft!

The Coburn siblings singing "America the Beautiful"OH! Cassie and her three siblings (The four Coburn kids) learned a whole barbershop song. It was Mike's idea and in the spring when we were all together, we practiced it for two hours one night and sang it for Mom & Dad in the morning and shocked them with our Barbershop rendition of "America, the Beautiful"

But… True to Coburn form, none of us could make eye contact with our teary-eyed parents as they watched us for fear we would also cry. You can view it on and search for "Coburn" in videos.

Have a great 2006!

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