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May God’s love surround you in this joyous 2006 Christmas season.

And may Christ’s peace be with us all.

OH! Merry Christmas to everyone! Keeping with our "let's not bore our friends too much" snippet newsletter, we tried to keep things simple and fun with lots of pictures of how we grew older (ahem!) I mean.. uh.. CHANGED this year.

But… Mostly what has changed is our hair. The boys grew it longer and the rest of us just cut or dyed it.

OH! We traveled to Kentucky this year with family camp and had a blast exploring Mammoth Cave and hanging with our friends from St. Matthew Church.

But… as temperatures hit all time records in the area (105), we were happy to escape to the cave where it is 55 degrees year round.

OH! Marianne is 16 and a junior in high school this year. She is in show choir and loves it. Just when she considers getting a job, someone calls her to babysit and she reconsiders. She loves children and is pursuing her goal of being an elementary school teacher when she gets to college. She spent time this summer at a dude ranch in Colorado with Kirk's parents and also working with habitat for humanity on a youth trip to Kansas City.

But… she Is only weeks if not days away from getting her license so if you are on the roads, BEWARE (okay not really, we made her wait until some things were second nature.)

OH! Now 14, Matthew's newest thing seems to be acting. He played Tom Sawyer in the play this fall and is playing the lead (Troy) in "High School Musical" -- the winter show. He continues in the show choir and still loves playing drums in the praise band at St. Matthew. He made a sequel to his movie short, "Kablooie stick" and he uploaded that and others to youtube.com.

But… when he can't bang a drum, he bangs on the piano and cons his sister into singing harmony with him.

OH! Our 9-year-old Andrew is still enjoying piano and soccer this year. He played mostly one-man soccer games in the backyard this summer to work on his kicking. He also likes to play Runescape (that online computer game we were addicted to last year). We all quit for 10 months and only recently started playing again. Mom joins in and plays with him at times.

But… his self-appointed job is rough-housing with Molly (our dog) to keep her fit. It doesn't really work as she is off the charts for a Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

OH! Kirk took his first sabbatical this year after 9 years as an ordained minister. He spent his time making a children's CD and working on this book, Gross Theology. Although that sounds like work to most of us, it was quite relaxing for him. Just recently, Kirk accepted a position as the pastor of Union Congregational Church in Somonauk, IL. Kirk and Cassie both have peace about this, but the transition of leaving a church we love will be difficult for everyone. Kirk will begin as pastor on February 5th.

But… his 40-minute commute should begin just when the Chicago winter really gets rolling!

OH! Cassie cut down her counseling hours at Waubonsee Community College but increased her freelance interpreting jobs. She also starts teaching three classes in Sign Language at WCC this spring rather than the usual 2 she's been doing. She still loves doing Bead-It-Yourself classes for friends and did a few craft shows this fall.

But… That blond and red hair dye she uses covers more than ever thanks to training Marianne to drive.

OH! You made it! You can now throw this up on the wall like we like to do or just say "cool" and toss it.

But… please don't get neurotic like Cassie and start saving them. Worse yet she made the cards into gift tags for the next year. PuLEEZE!!

LOVE . . . JOY . . . PEACE . . . HOPE

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