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May God’s love surround you in this joyous 2007 Christmas season.

And may Christ’s peace be with us all.

OH! It is Christmas time again… a time to be thankful and spend time with family & friends… to catch up on news... here’s our part.

But… We apologize for the sappiness, as we focus on gratitude due to illness that keeps creeping into the lives of loved ones.

OH! We made it to Bonaire as a family this year (thank you Mom & Dad Coburn for the help there) and had a great time.

But… we made it a point to go because of my Dad’s cancer diagnosis and it was bittersweet wondering if it would be our last time with him there. Happily, he is doing well as he experienced a great deal of healing during much prayer and some alternative treatments. We all helped out with a "Wonderful Life" Golf Outing to celebrate the healing he experienced.

OH! We also went to Colorado to Peaceful Valley Ranch for a week with Kirk’s family. (Thanks mom & dad Moore for the help on this as well) The mountain views, the sound of the rushing river and the cool and crisp mountain air helped make it a wonderful summer experience. What a great trip "loping" on horses and spending family time.

But… due to the wonderful time we had, we all want to go back every year.

OH! Marianne is 17 (SENIOR) and still quite musical as she is in the all girl show choir. She got a solo for this year’s performance singing the verses on "It’s My Party." (Who is old enough to remember Leslie Gore’s version?) She also sings with concert choir, was part of the cast of "Les Miserables" last spring and was a student director for "School House Rock LIVE!" She was accepted to Illinois State University and will go either this fall or next, depending on whether community college is too tempting to take gen eds at 1/10th the price. Marianne spent 6 weeks in Colorado at Peaceful Valley working as a waitress. She had a wonderful time. She’s been driving for 10 months and doing great. We bought a 3rd car that she drives and helps out with driving her brothers.

But… with the added freedom of a car and friends to see her, we never do.

OH! Now 15, Matthew's still loves acting and he played "Troy" in High School Musical and was also in "School House Rock LIVE!" and had a great time. He also is in the mixed show choir at school. He has joined speech and does dramatic interpretation. I don’t recall that being part of speech when I went to school, but yea for progress. He is no longer in band, but we bought him a used drum set so he practices at home.

But… he practices at home. We are looking into soundproofing the garage...or our heads.

OH! Our 10-year-old Andrew still plays piano and has started composing. I asked him one day how he learned this particular song so fast because I hadn’t heard it before and he told me he wrote it! He is just full of tricks. He played on a soccer team again this year. (He scored 3 times and did some great assisting) It was a real ego boost for him. This year when the 17-year cicadas emerged in our area, Andrew ate one of his Dad’s concoctions – a deep-fried cicada – and made the front page (with Dad in the background) of the Chicago Tribune doing so.

But… Now he has to wonder for 17 years if the birds and our dog, Molly, ate all the rest! (Note to self . . . cicadas cause dogs to get very . . . gassy.)

OH! Kirk took a new position as Pastor of Union Congregational church in Somonauk. It was a big change for the family, but Kirk settled in very quickly. He’s been getting to know almost everyone in the congregation, meeting lots of new visitors, preaching, teaching, leading, singing and even using puppets each week for the children’s sermon. He’s also been doing lots of baptisms and weddings. He also had some fun with a video production called "The Cicada Chef" as he cooked and prepared 17-year cicadas for a meal.

But… So far "I Like Cicadas" hasn’t become a million-seller on iTunes.

OH! Cassie continues to teach Interpreter Training classes at Waubonsee Community College and counsel and also works as an interpreter there. She also got a kiln for her birthday (thank you Kirk) and began doing glass fusing a month later. She loves this new art and hasn’t even burned down the house.

But… She did manage to burn a batch of glass by letting the kiln get too hot and she had to throw out every piece in that batch.


LOVE . . . JOY . . . PEACE . . . HOPE

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