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May God’s love surround you in this 2008 Christmas season.

And may Christ’s mercy and peace
be with us all.
OH! It is Christmas time … a time for family and friends … a time for rejoicing … and a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
But… Though Christmas is a time to celebrate, we’re going through a difficult holiday season.
OH! This year we enjoyed trips to Florida, (Visiting Kirk’s parents) Bonaire (Well, Cassie went with her sister, Karen, this year) and Colorado. (Kirk, Marianne, Matthew and Andrew got to go on this trip) We experienced family fun, theme parks, diving, horseback riding and even a rainy overnight campout on the mountain.
But… But – we’ve had trouble coordinating our schedules to have everyone able to take vacations together. We’re planning to do better in 2009!
OH! Marianne’s a high school graduate! She continued singing and dancing in the Esprit Show Choir, appeared as a wife in the spring production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and was featured in an interview segment in a nationally-released CD/DVD graduation gift (Congradulations Class of 2008 from Interlinc). This fall she entered Northern Illinois University and has had a great first semester. She’s working towards a degree in early childhood education and is also working at the NIU campus child care. She’s also thrilled with all the friends she’s made as a new freshman.
But… Her smaller dorm room has a hard time containing the mess that used to be in her room at home!
OH! Sophomore Matthew, now 16, has been active in many areas of music. He continues in the Classics Showchoir, played a brother in "Joseph," has played drums in a school production and a couple of local bands, and even released a single that’s available on iTunes, Amazon and several other online stores. Matthew also appeared as Nathan Radley in "To Kill a Mockingbird" this fall. Finally, Matthew got his driver’s permit this year and is working on the required 50 hours of practice driving before he can get his license in March.
But… "Can I drive?" is a question we hear in our sleep now.
OH! Andrew experienced a musical milestone, this year. He composed a song for the bell choir at church (Celebration!) – it was amazing! Andrew still plays piano and likes to add a little flair to the pieces he’s practicing. He also entered middle school this year and after only a day or two knows exactly where all his classes are. He’s currently practicing for a starring role in his class production of the musical, "River Child."
But… After so much home practice, Kirk thinks he has Andrew’s lines memorized too!
OH! Kirk continues as Pastor of Union Congregational Church, United Church of Christ in Somonauk. He also has been active in writing weekly Bible study blog entries for i.ucc.org as well as writing music-based Bible studies and articles for Interlinc’s "Youth Leader’s Only" magazine. He also had lots of fun this year creating 5 episodes for his new video series, "The Man with the Guitar" on YouTube.
But… At present, no Hollywood studio has inquired about the rights to the series.
OH! Cassie added to her sign language credentials by becoming a certified interpreter this year (NIC). After 19 years working as a part time instructor, she started this fall as a full-time faculty member at Waubonsee Community College. Cassie also continues as a freelance sign language interpreter. With the new job there hasn’t been as much time for her craft activities, but she has managed to make quite a few pieces of fused glass jewelry.
But… It seems that with all this activity there’s little time for sleep!
OH! The holidays are bittersweet this year as Cassie’s dad, Joe Coburn, died peacefully on December 16 after living with cancer for more than 2 years. It’s difficult to be festive this year as we mourn his passing.
But… The support of family and friends in this sad time has been heartwarming-

LOVE . . . MERCY . . . PEACE . . . HOPE

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Kirk and Cassie in Bonaire - January 2009
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