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May God’s love surround you in this 2010 Christmas season.

And may Christ’s love and peace
be with us all.
OH! It is Christmas time … a time for family and friends … a time for rejoicing … and a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth.
But…The chances of finishing up this letter for a before Christmas letter seem slim. OH! But… We made it!

OH! This year we enjoyed a trip to Bonaire (Just Cassie) and a plane-and train trip to Colorado (Kirk, Andrew, Matthew, and Matthew’s girlfrend, Jenny – We met Marianne out there!) We rode horses and had a great time at Peaceful Valley Ranch and soaking in the mountain air.
But…The planned “relaxing” train ride home was delayed by about 12 hours. Ugh.

OH! ! Marianne spent another summer as a children’s counselor at Peaceful Valley Ranch in Colorado. She has always loved Colorado. . . so she moved there! Marianne’s living in Greeley, CO, working, and establishing residency to finish up her college degree in Colorado. She loves the independence and the Colorado life. She’s made a few new friends and is a co-director of the Children’s Christmas program at her church before coming back to Illinois for the holidays.
But…Our grown-up daughter is 1000 miles away from us!

OH! Matthew is 18 and a senior in High School. The rock band he’s the lead singer in (Results May Vary & the LMN Orchestra) won the Illinois Battle of the Bands this summer and then recorded a new EP that’s available in the digital music stores. As much as he can, he’s also been working at a new sandwich shop in town. And he’s planning to commercial music/music business next year in college. The showchoir and college scholarship audition season gears up right after the new year begins.
But… No time for breathing in the next several months.

OH! 8th Grader Andrew is 13 years old and still loves playing piano. He also just provided beat-box percussion on a crowd-favorite song, Reindeer Rap, at the school’s holiday concert. He’s working to form an a cappella group with some friends. He’s already picked their first song! Andrew continues to also be the “sporty” kid in the family, spending several summertime hours on his skateboards and BMX bikes. I think he’s also the one in the family who spends the most time texting!
But…Did we mention that he’s 13? ‘Nuff said.

OH! Cassie continues as full-time faculty in the Interpreter Training Program at Waubonsee Community College. She’s been on trips to Bonaire, (for fun), St Louis, and Florida (for work) this year and also has found a little time to make enough fused glass jewelry to stock her new cabinet at the Little Red Schoolhouse antique shop in Warrenville. Cassie also continues to freelance as an interpreter for the deaf.
But…This time of year, in addition to getting ready for Christmas, she’s grading, grading, grading, grading ... and grading.

OH! Kirk is finishing up his fourth year as Pastor of Union Congregational United Church of Christ in Somonauk. He also continues to write for Faith Practices and for Interlinc. He recently released a Christmas record, “Like a Caroler at the Door.” Nothing fancy – just Kirk, a guitar, and some classic Christmas songs. It sounds just like it would if you heard him as a caroler at the door! It’s available in the digital music stores, too!
However… The Christmas season is almost over (it does really go until Epiphany) But… you can still get the record!

LOVE . . . JOY . . . PEACE . . . HOPE

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