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FamilyMay God’s love surround you in this 2011 Christmas season.

And may you and yours be surrounded with peace, hope, joy, and love.

OH! We are so grateful this year for all our blessings: home, family, love, friends, and our health. We hope God has blessed you as well and that you remember to appreciate it every day.

OH! Our little birdies are leaving our nest so quickly it seems. The house is so quiet so much of the time. We do still have one little birdie at home and again like when he was an infant, no one else is around so he is like an only child.
But… Too bad he has no need for all the attention we now can give.   Mom and Ron

OH! (From Cassie) It may seem a weird thing to say (it is for me) but my mom is getting MARRIED!! She has known Ron for a couple years now. The friendship turned to love this fall and the wedding is in spring 2012. I’ve never seen her happier
But… I’ve also never seen her busier. She actually doesn’t return my phone call within theMarianne hour anymore. I'm so happy for her.
OH! Marianne has loved living in Colorado for more than a year now. She’s been working as a nanny for three children most of that time. She became a certified scuba diver this year on her Bonaire vacation with Cassie and also got to come home for a family reunion in Indiana.
But… She spent her first Thanksgiving away from home!
OH! Matthew ended his senior year with his show choir, The Classics, winning National Champions. He won best male soloist there as well - which was a huge honor. He is now loving Belmont and is an official Phi Delta Theta. After a fun semester of music classes and pledging and studying (ahem!), he has plans for a Christmas at home. 
AndrewBut… A few months in Nashville and he thinks that it’s FREEZING when the temperature drops below 30.

OH! Andrew is a freshman in high school. He joined the novice play and really loved being “Hollywood Agent”. He is also now a member of The Classics, who will host the fame national championship in Chicago this spring. He can’t seem to stop writing music, but he is his own worst critic. It is a quiet house with the other kids gone but Andrew more than makes up for that with the dinner music, watching-TV music and general doesn’t-stop-playing music
But… Yeah. He plays a lot.
Cassie - what great hair!
OH! Cassie received tenure at Waubonsee Community College and is now an Assistant professor in Sign Language and Interpreter training. She took Marianne to Bonaire this year and it was some great Mommy/ daughter/ Grandma time. She was so busy grading this year, she didn’t careKirk to put up the tree and didn’t even do the “straightening of the branches” once Kirk did put it up. Give that girl a glass of wine.
But… No, not TWO glasses.

OH! Kirk has served as the pasto
r of Union Congregational UCC in Somonauk for 5 years now . . . and is currently seeking a next call, as the church has transitioned to having a part-time pastor. Oh the joy of financial difficulties! He’s also continued to write, (Faith Practices and Interlinc) sing, (check out the YouTube videos) and even teach guitar. (kirkmoorewillteachyouguitar.com)
But… Trusting in God’s timing and impatience don’t go well together.

Family -- Silly
PEACE . . . HOPE . . . JOY . . . LOVE 

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