The Real Moore FamilyWelcome to!

May God’s love surround you in this 2012 Christmas season.

And may you and yours be surrounded with hope, peace, joy, and love.

We are so grateful this year for all our blessings: home, family, love, friends, and our health. We hope that during this season you sense the blessings of God, family, and friends. And if the holidays are difficult for you, we pray that you know the blessing of a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen.

OH! We've gone and done it.  This year we're only releasing a digital edition of the Moore Messenger.  For folks who like to have a pap
Marianne as the Usherette
          in the Rocky Horror Shower version in their hand, it's still available as a printable pdf. 
But… For folks who like to have it arrive in their home postal boxes. . . we're not doing that.

OH! Marianne is the first
professional actor in the family.  She recently appeared as the Usherette in the Wit Theatre Company production of The Rocky Horror Show in Denver.  Cassie and Kirk got to see the fantastic production on Halloween night.  She's also enrolled at the Pima Medical Institute in Denver and is well on her way to becoming a Dental Assistant. After 2 years as a nanny, she now works as a server (we say waitress)
But… Now she's going to be asking everyone if they brushed and flossed. (and tipped)
Matthew in
          Pop Fusion

OH! Matthew spent the summer as the lead male vocalist in the Six Flags Chicago production of Pop Fusion. The family got season tickets and got to see the show many times! And now back at Belmont for his Sophomore year, he's in a popular and extraordinary vocal and dance ensemble called Company. He and a roommate have moved off Andrew at
          the miccampus to a small house in a Nashville neighborhood.
But… They have one room
devoted to the music field - complete with sound boards, drums, and incredible speakers. The neighbors must love them.

OH! Andrew lives and breathes music.  He's active in the Classics Show choir, Those Guys A Ca
pella, Chamber Choir,Cassie's Midnight Blue Car The A Capella Underground, and the Church youth praise band. He also spends time as a vocal and instrumental arranger and playing impromptu piano songs with perfect chord progressions for Cassie's ear.
But… He has 6 rehearsals a week and still has to get a ride from Mom or Dad.

OH! Cassie continues o
n the Faculty at Waubonsee Community College in Interpreter Training and Sign LanguageKirk at
          St. Paul's UCCHer mom, Mary Anne (Marianne's name sake) turned 70 and got re-married to Ron Cope on the same day! It was a big celebration! In April, Cassie finally got the midnight blue car she's been wanting for 20 years.  It's a 2012 Toyota Corolla S, and it's beautiful.
But… Soon after gettin
g the car, someone hit her rear bumper, requiring a visit to body shop.

OH! Kirk started a new job as the pastor of Las Vegas and the Grand
          CanyonSt. Paul's United Church of Christ in Downers Grove, IL. He's back in his hometown at an open and affirming congregation.  Through the first 8 months, he's realized that this is a congregation he can stay at for years to come.
But… There's no but.  Things are going wonderfully and he's thrilled with the new call.

OH! Kirk and Cassie celebrated their 25th anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas.  They spent time in casinos, saw some great shows, took in the night life, and even spent a day visiting the Grand Canyon.
But… They also spent their first afternoon and evening in Sin City taking a nap.

The Moore Family
Marianne Matthew Andrew
HOPE . . . PEACE . . . JOY . . . LOVE 

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Moore Marrs Caruso Christmas 2012
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